How It Works

I have some work I need done. What do I need to do?

First of all, get in touch. Outline as much about your project as you can, including your timeframe for when you’d like to your project completed. We’ll contact you to discuss details and make sure we understand the scope of your project. Once that is clear, we can provide you with an estimate for the work you need done, along with a timeframe. If that is confirmed, we move forward and your project will be added to the schedule.

Why should I go with you, and not a web shop or design firm?

We have specifically remained small so that we stay in touch with what our projects entail and what our clients need. We do the actual development and implement changes ourselves, so we’re intimate with what’s involved. No overhead and no middle-man keep project costs low, and turnaround quick.

Do you have any references from past clients?

Many clients have stayed with us for a number of years. They appreciate the way we work, namely our timely turnaround, efficiency, and honesty. Many of our projects have come to use via direct referral from an existing or past client.

If you’d like to check our references, please get in touch so we can pass on contact information.

How do we get started? When will I get a bill?

Once we agree on scope, estimate, and time frame, all new clients are required to make a deposit. Deposit amounts start at $200, and range upward to be 30% of the overall project cost. If the project is large in scope, we’ll work out a billing schedule. For smaller projects, a final bill will be sent once the project is completed. Payment for a bill is due within 15 days.

I support a number of clients with maintenance for small updates and upgrades to sites that already exist. Time for this type of work gets billed on an hourly basis. Maintenance bills get sent out at the beginning of every month, and are also due within 15 days.