ActiviyTickets has been in operation since 2004, but needed an updated interface. Keeping with its original goal of providing local event tickets and reservations, Activity Tickets is designed to allow custom branding for different sites while still centralizing the ordering and purchasing options for all the vendors. There are 5 ‘child’ sites of AT: North Tahoe, Carson City, South Tahoe, V&T Train, and Virginia Truckee Railroad.

AT is a completely custom solution using PHP and mySql, and the new version uses jQuery heavily for better user interaction. It uses Google Maps to pinpoint locations and provide directions, offers 3 different types of slideshows and image galleries, and has a full calendar in place to track events. All events can be placed in different categories and regions for better searching. It also allows for public comments and reviews by customers, with admin controls in place to process and approve.

It has an administrative back-end interface that allows vendors to enter their ticket inventory, check sales, and print manifests. Admins of the site can also log in to monitor, approve, and process refunds. Each admin can direct the payment funds to go into specific accounts per vendor, providing total control over transactions. The overall feedback of the new system is excellent, calling it ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘very complete’. This project was entirely managed by SW Programming and worked directly with the clients that manage each of the subdomains.

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